Execute your shift to electric vehicles, whether one vehicle or an entire fleet. DisruptEV consults with you on getting your first EV, or many, from charging equipment, planning your fleet transition, identifying which vehicles are best to shift to EV, and when.

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Electric vehicles are already driving along Australian roads. Plan how you can manage the transition to EV, from installing charging stations for employees, attracting new employees with EV finance options, staggering the refresh of your existing fleet with cost-effective EV alternatives, or developing a financed plan to use EV to lower the cost of your fleet.

DisruptEV is your advisor on moving to EV, advising on the best technology to suit your needs, employee finance options, and corporate fleet management.


We plan with you on how best to make the move to electric vehicle technology, from best practise around office-based charging options, when to shift to EV, how to manage a mixed fleet, how to best finance new EV vehicles, and how to refresh an existing fleet with the right EV options.


It’s our ability to identify and tailor the best transition plan for you, that sets us apart. From researching car models, re-sale values, running costs, industry developments, and financing options across the fleet.

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